Christina Meyer
Head of SEO/SEM
Christina Meyer

Before joining Amazee Metrics, Christina paid her dues in the demanding environment of the hotel and travel industries. As a result, her focus is always on customer satisfaction. With and additional master's degree in marketing, she knows how to gain customers with targeted communication. Having fought for the Swiss championship in Sanda boxing, there is no challenge she cannot overcome, not even Google algorithm updates which she will make her personal mission as SEO and SEM consultant.

Digital Analyst
Chris Bailey

Chris has spent the past five years as a digital analyst in the marketing industry. Having initially studied finance, the move into digital analytics came naturally and he has never looked back. With a focus on identifying key business areas and potential problems, he is passionate about not only finding the problems, but also finding solutions using data and technology. Growing up in Cape Town, next to the ocean, Chris is also a passionate surfer who spends as much free time as possible riding the waves of the Southern Peninsula.

Dr. Evelyn Thar
Dr. Evelyn Thar

Evelyn holds a master's degree in computational linguistics and a PhD in linguistics and has several years of experience as senior consultant and account manager in the ICT industry. With this background Evelyn is well prepared for challenging requirements and able to find the relevant focus in complex customer demands.

Jonathan Mervis
Senior Digital Analyst
Jonathan Mervis

Jonathan is a born puzzle solver. Whether it is identifying data’s hidden patterns or the best way up a sheer rock face. But he believes that finding the pattern is not enough. He prides himself on deriving meaningful insights and developing the perfect strategy to take advantage of them. He has spent the last decade in the telecommunications and entertainment industries developing this particular set of skills. When he is not surrounded by numbers he is usually surrounded by rocks in the beautiful mountains around Cape Town, the city he calls home.

Digital Marketing Consultant
Nina Haas

During her studies in International Marketing & Media Management Nina not only found her love for Online Marketing, she also fell in love with South Africa while spending a semester at the University of Stellenbosch. Nina has already worked for several agencies in Germany and South Africa and enjoys finding the perfect solutions for happy clients. Besides work Nina is following her dream and spends all the time with her beloved horses.

Digital Marketing Consultant
Orlin Krastev

Orlin is a globetrotter – he was born in Bulgaria, moved to the US together with his parents when he was a kid until love brought him to Cape Town two years ago. After his degree in political science (in French!) he spent the last four years in online marketing and worked for several agencies worldwide. In his spare time he loves to hike and fish. He is also an amateur palaeontologist and spends his time on excavation trips to dig up dinosaur bones!

Head of Data & Digital Compliance
Roger Mueller

Roger is an internet user of the early days. He was already chatting in BBSs with internet enthusiasts via acoustic coupler and modem before the first browser was born. He has 20 years of experience in digital communications – many in management positions – and a passion for technology, analytics and science. This also affects his spare time, in which he builds technical machines – such as a polarimeter, a cocktail mixing machine and a reef eco system simulator. His favorite occupation though, is the creation of perfumes and his two dogs that keep him on the go.

Future web analytics consultant
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