Search Engine Optimization

We will help your website rank high. From technical search engine optimization to defining the right keywords, we know the tricks of the trade.

Off-site SEO Analysis

Our structured approach to SEO projects begins with an assessment of the current environment. In the keyword analysis, we reveal the importance and difficulty of the keywords related to your core business. We analyze your competitors and perform a link analysis. We also develop a social media strategy, check your presence in Google My Business and evaluate your multilingual approach. For a quick overview of your website's SEO performance we recommend our Content SEO Check. It will show your website's weaknesses and potential at a glance.

On-site SEO Audit

During the SEO audit, we examine your website in detail, searching for technical SEO issues in the code and the structure that could harm your SEO performance. We perform an SEO audit which takes into account the keyword strategy, analyzes the relevant SEO parameters and contains specific recommendations describing how to solve them. In order to give you a comprehensive SEO picture, we work with various tools such as the Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools). 

Continuous SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization is not a quick task that you perform once and then forget about. After the initial audit, continuous effort is required to provide results that help you outperform the competition. As Google makes more than 500 algorithmic updates every year, it is important to have a dedicated partner that keeps up with changes, tracks your performance and helps you solve any possible issues immediately. We constantly monitor your SEO strategy and provide regular SEO checks for your website.