Search Engine Marketing

As Google Partner we know how to complement your organic search results with Google AdWords ads – based on your industry and your business model.

Combination of SEO and SEM

If you are suffering from a bad ranking position because of a highly competitive market or because your website is brand new, search engine marketing (SEM) helps you to be found and visible. Compared to search engine optimization (SEO), SEM works immediately. In addition AdWords helps you boost your online campaigns. We provide comprehensive online marketing services and know the most effective channels to achieve your goals. In addition to Google AdWords, we are also specialized in Bing and Yandex advertising.

AdWords Campaigns

We create well-structured SEM campaigns based on a comprehensive keyword research. We compose your ad, refining the wording and finding the appropriate ad extensions based on your target group. We align the language and ad targeting with your business model and define the ad goals together with you. For non-profit organizations we also take care of the registration for the Google Grants program. 

AdWords Performance Audit

We audit your existing SEM campaign to make sure you tap its full potential. During the performance audit we check your AdWords campaign thoroughly and measure it based on best practices. We identify your biggest competitors in the competitive analysis. Our keyword research evaluates your campaign keywords to ensure that you achieve a high ranking position. Finally, we validate your ad structure and ad composition.