Pay-per-Click Advertising

Amazee Metrics Team

Campaign Setup

We create campaigns matching your marketing goals and business strategy. Whether it’s sales, lead generation or branding, we know the relevant channels. We are experienced with shopping campaigns for your e-commerce company, YouTube, search, display or remarketing campaigns. Based on your target markets we set up international campaigns with Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yandex.Direct or Baidu Tuiguang in the language of your target group. In addition we take over the registration and management of your Google Grants Program if you are a Non-Profit Organization.

Campaign Performance

The data-driven monitoring and optimizing of your campaigns is based on our continuous performance reports and our script-based automatic quality assurance. We are transparent in our work and keep you in the loop with an open account and in our regular status meetings. Our approach is agile – expand what works, pause what doesn’t work. If you are used to managing your campaigns yourself we are happy to conduct a performance audit of your account to give you best-practice recommendations based on our experience in various industries.

Online Marketing for JEANS.CH

We increased the online visibility of JEANS.CH with 60 times more visits.

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Online Marketing for Informatec

For the B2B website of Informatec we increased the traffic by 58% within a year.

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Inbound Marketing for PIDAS

For PIDAS we were able to increase the number of website visitors by more than 25% in one year.

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