Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation combines web analytics and user tracking to allow you to identify your high potential clients, personalize communications and automate targeted online marketing campaigns.

Tracking & Segmenting

It all depends on your database: targeted client segments are based on information combining several data sources. The data sources can be internal or external and can also combine online and offline data. Make sure to use this valuable data base for smart automated marketing strategies.

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Automation allows you to communicate automatically via chats, newsletter, e-mails or targeted advertising. Using the right Marketing Automation tools gives you the possibility to display your website content dynamically based on different user groups. You will be able to show individual product recommendations or set up customized online marketing campaigns based on different client segments.

Select the Right Tools

The selection of the right tool is crucial for a successful Marketing Automation project. We help you find your way through the wide range of Marketing Automation tools and provide you with a tailored selection of suitable tools. No matter if you are focused on E-Commerce, cross-device-tracking or personalized marketing campaigns, we find the perfect tool for you - customized to your needs.