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Your data provides valuable insights and allows you to make data-driven decisions.
Our basic understanding of the technology, our experience and our commitment to data, combined with our analytical thinking, enable us to create individual data solutions for every purpose. As certified experts and agnostic consultants, we enable data monitoring and a data-based decision-making process.

We work with various web analytics programs and dashboard tools that we carefully select and combine based on your needs. Our dashboards are able to represent different data sources, giving you the opportunity to draw conclusions and truly understand your data.

Roger Circle

Roger Müller
Head of Data & Digital Compliance

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New Web Analytics Software for ZVV

We evaluated several web analytics tools to find the software best suited to the requirements defined by ZVV.

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E-Commerce Tracking for Crowdhouse

We set up an enhanced e-commerce tracking to analyze the full user journey for Crowdhouse.

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Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking for u-blox

For the chip manufacturer u-blox we implemented an enhanced e-commerce tracking to analyze the full customer journey.

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