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Facebook Ads

Facebook offers a huge user base and sharp targeting options to contact your target audience.

  • Find out if Facebook is the right platform to achieve your marketing goals.
  • We set up your Facebook Ads account and create your campaigns.
  • With sophisticated targeting strategies and appealing ads with call-to-actions, we get the most out of your advertising spend.
  • We create Like Campaigns to increase your fanbase.
  • Thanks to our continuous optimizations, your campaigns remain profitable and successful.

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Nicole M. Laine
Head of Online Marketing
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Online Marketing Strategy for The Dolder Grand

For the Dolder Grand we increased the revenue from organic traffic by more than 10% and from paid search campaigns by 44%.

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Inbound Marketing for PIDAS

For PIDAS we were able to increase the number of website visitors by more than 25% in one year.

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Online Marketing for Werkarena

In this real estate project we increased the online visibility with Google Ads and Facebook.

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