ABB has a global website, but also uses local and mobile websites as well as various microsites. With this starting position it was difficult for the responsible managers to obtain an overview of the website traffic or to extract information quickly. We created customized dashboards which provide real time information and insights and enable data-driven decisions.


AMAG is a full-service mobility provider in Switzerland. AMAG is not only a cardealer, but also provides car maintenance and its own leasing company to bring its clients closer to their dream of mobility. We created technical SEO audits for new AMAG landing pages to lay the foundation of successful Google indexing and high ranking positions. 

Amazee Labs

The website of Amazee Labs has already had a significant amount of traffic, however the traffic from search engines was low. Thanks to our SEO optimization the search traffic has increased by 200% within eight months. In addition, the visits come now from keywords related to Amazee Labs' core business and have transformed the organic search channel into a sales generator.


avenwood produces high-quality bamboo covers for smartphones and tablets. In order to increase sales in the webshop, we performed a conversion optimization  audit and analyzed the Google AdWords performance. In addition, we helped to improve the Google Analytics implementation. 

AZ Medien

We created a comprehensive SEO analysis for all daily newspapers of AZ Medien, the leading media company in Northwestern Switzerland. Our analysis includes Aargauer Zeitung, Basellandschaftliche ZeitungBZ BaselLimmattaler ZeitungSolothurner Zeitung and Grenchner Tagblatt.

Barry Callebaut

Barry Callebaut is the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products. We created and implemented the tracking concept for the company's annual report. 


BEBASIC.CH is a Swiss e-commerce shop for the basics in a man's wardrobe. We are responsible for their search engine marketing and are the minds behind their AdWords campaigns.

BEA Verlag

BEA + Poly Verlags AG provides an online shop with toys, baby and child products, household items, gift articles and outdoor equipment. What is special about this online shop is that the users can redeem their Mondo, Silva and Avanti points with their purchase. To increase sales and to win more new customers, we do search engine marketing in the Google search and display network for the BEA Verlag.


bexio provides software for small businesses to simplify contact management, order management, accounting and project management. We support bexio with search engine optimization and search engine marketing. In addition we have developed a concept for a conversion report to ensure that relevant online and offlline KPIs are tracked and reported automatically.

Classic Driver

Whilst producing hundreds of reports, Classic Driver was unable to retrieve useful insights and gained no information about the performance of their marketing channels. We created an analytics-based online marketing strategy, including web analytics and search engine optimization. Thanks to this, Classic Driver has been able to implement a data-driven business culture, thereby optimizing marketing channels and increasing web traffic by more than 30% in 6 months.