What is Programmatic Advertising – Update 2019

What Is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is a constant buzzword in the world of search engine marketing. It is considered as one of the strongest drivers in the online advertising market. According to the Swiss “Programmatic Barometer (German)” survey, 43 percent of digital investments in German-speaking Switzerland and 30 percent in French-speaking Switzerland are …

How to setup Google Local Inventory Ads in 5 Steps

How to setup Google Local Inventory Ads in 5 Steps

Traditional brick and mortar retail has changed dramatically in the last decade, in fact, eight out of ten consumers are less likely to go to a store when the website does not provide online inventory.  So, what are you as a retailer supposed to do in a world where e …

How to Get Your Google Ads Account Ready for Christmas

Google Ads Fit fuer Weihnachten

After the recent warm temperatures it is difficult to get into the Christmas mood. It is however important to start early with the  preparations, to ensure that your Google Ads are ready for the Christmas season. There are two important dates in November, which are essential in the lead-up to …

SEA with Bing: Successful Because of Lower CPCs?

CPC Goolge and Bing

Bing is gaining increasing reach in Switzerland and is thus becoming increasingly interesting for advertisers. An industry-wide assumption is that Bing can offer cheaper CPCs than Google. We have checked for you whether this assumption does in fact correspond to reality. Google or Bing – The Analysis We have analyzed …

AdWords Promotion Extensions: Boost Your Campaigns

AdWords Angebotserweiterungen: Steigern Sie den Erfolg Ihrer Kampagnen

AdWords’ new interface came with several new features, one of which is the new promotion extension. This is a great tool to highlight any promotion or discount an advertiser offers on services and products. If you have any sales or promotions, you should start using them today.

Google Ads Smart Bidding: Using Machine Learning to Optimize

Google AdWords Smart Bidding: Using Machine Learning to Optimize

One of the most common questions asked about online marketing, is how to ensure you are optimizing your campaigns and seeing the best ROI (Return on Investment). An increasing number of tools and marketing platforms are making use of machine learning to try and simplify these optimization processes  – at …

6 SEO and SEA Quick Wins for the Holiday Season

6 Quick Wins für Ihr Weihnachtsgeschäft (Muizenberg, Südafrika)

As consumers are being flooded with Christmas specials in brick and mortar stores, some online vendors have not even started bothering about the festive season yet. As the below Google Trends screenshot shows, the search volume for “Christmas present” already starts increasing as early as the end of August. If …

What You Should Know about the New Google AdWords Interface

Google AdWords

Towards the end of 2016, Google presented the new AdWords interface for the first time. It was finally rolled out during the middle of this year. In this blog post, we will show you what changes we have to face and what this means in terms of user-friendliness. Why are …

Four Use Cases Showing the Successful Use of AdWords Scripts

Use Cases für AdWords Scripts

If you have been working with AdWords, chances are you have heard about AdWords Scripts at some stage. If you are already using AdWords Scripts, you will probably know that they are a great way to save time and improve performance. If you have not yet implemented AdWords scripts, read …

Five Tips for Successful Remarketing in Google AdWords

Five Tips for Successful Remarketing in Google AdWords

In the previous blog posts about Remarketing, we talked about „What is Remarketing“ or “How to implement remarketing” successfully in Google AdWords. This blog post will take it a step forward and will provide five tips for successful remarketing in Google AdWords. To set up and run successful remarketing campaigns …