Digital Survival Guide 2017

Master Class with Evelyn Thar and Urs Bucher

The KKL in Lucerne was a great location for the Marketing Tag 17. We saw interesting keynotes and master classes embedded in an exciting program during the whole day. We also had the chance to present a master class: In our Digital Survival Guide 2017 we showed the most important gadgets …

SEO Ranking Factors 2017


Every year Searchmetrics releases its study of SEO ranking factors for Searchmetrics analyses a set of 10.000 relevant keywords in Google to find the correlations between ranking positions and ranking factors. For SEOs they are a handy guideline on what to look out for in the future.  In this …

How to Use Google Trends for Keyword Research


If you are planning your SEO strategy, you should do a keyword research first. This can be done with the Google Ads keyword planner, but another great option is Google Trends. Google Trends allows you to learn a lot from your keywords. It will give you data for not just …

AdWords Expanded Text Ads Are Expanding Your Possibilities

Ein Meer von Möglichkeiten mit Erweiterte Textanzeigen

It is dubbed the greatest change to AdWords in the last 15 years and, unless you do not like change, it is probably already rocking your world. The Expanded Text Ads have been here for quite a while already and they are slowly gaining territory over the Standard Text Ads. …

New Ad Extension for Google AdWords: Price Extensions

Preiserweiterungen - offline schon immer da

It can be quite a disappointment for users to find out that the ad they are clicking leads to a product that does not match their price expectations. Someone at the Google AdWords headquarters must have had that train of thoughts when coming up with the next thing for text ads: Price …

How to Create a Successful Online Marketing Mix

Evelyn Thar at SOM16

Our presentation at the Swiss Online Marketing Exhibition yesterday was a great success: big audience and a lot of positive feedback. Our Online Marketing Cycle seems to be a much needed model for a structured online marketing appproach. Check out the slides below if you missed the presentation.  

Important Online Marketing Trends for 2016

Important Online Marketing Trends for 2016

Which trends will occupy us online marketers this year? We examined this question and show you the important trends in online marketing for 2016. 1. Content Marketing Content marketing has been one of the most important online trends for several years now. In 2016 high quality content is again a …

Successful Online Marketing with Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation tools automate the process of targeting “the right person, at the right time, with the right message”. Simply put, these programs can observe customer behavior and take actions based on that behavior. Some examples of marketing automation include: You register on a website and then receive emails to …

The Most Important Online Marketing Channels and How to Measure Them

CPC Goolge and Bing

If you do online marketing, you have several different channels to choose from. We will give you an overview of the most important online marketing channels, how to use them and how to measure each of them with the relevant key performance indicators (KPIs). 1. Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing means that …