How to combine Data Sources in Google Data Studio

Combining Data Sources

Google Data Studio is Google’s free dashboarding tool that is making it incredibly easy to create useful and visually appealing dashboards. If you are unfamiliar with Google Data Studio, take a look at this blog post on how to get started with your first dashboard. One of the few disadvantages …

How to Reactivate a Suspended Google Ad Grants Account

how to reinstate your google ad grant account

If you are one of the 35,000+ nonprofit organizations benefiting from Google’s Ad Grant donation program and your Google Ads account has been suspended, you will want to resolve this as soon as possible. (If you are not familiar with the Google Ad Grants program, read our introduction about it …

Successful Online Marketing with GDPR

Christina Meyer 2

We were happy to welcome our clients to the yearly Amazee Summer BBQ last Thursday and enjoyed good food and sunny weather. To kick off the evening, we had prepared three trend talks. My colleagues from Amazee Labs gave insightful presentations about “Testing for Success” (Mayce) and Bring Your Website to the …

10 Best Google Easter Eggs

Zeit für Google Easter Eggs

When we are not optimizing AdWords accounts, doing Search Engine Optimization or setting up containers in Google Tag Manager, we browse. We are looking in the furthest corners of the internet to see if we can find anything of value for our clients. We are not talking cryptocurrency here. Think …

How User Intent Impacts Your SEO

How User Intent Impacts Your SEO

When strategizing your Content Marketing, you  will probably start researching trends and you will follow this up with an extensive Keyword Research. That is great, but did you think about User Intent? It is the categorization of what users search online when they type their search term into a search …

6 Trends that Skyrocket Your SEO in 2018

Schiessen Sie Ihre SEO-Sichtbarkeit in die Höhe

We have landed in the year 2018. This is the year in which 2040 is closer than 1995. Let that sink in. This is also the year in which Elon Musk already sent his old car to Mars. At this very moment in orbit, there is a mannequin named Starman …

AdWords Promotion Extensions: Boost Your Campaigns

AdWords Angebotserweiterungen: Steigern Sie den Erfolg Ihrer Kampagnen

AdWords’ new interface came with several new features, one of which is the new promotion extension. This is a great tool to highlight any promotion or discount an advertiser offers on services and products. If you have any sales or promotions, you should start using them today.

Building the Perfect Digital Marketing Dashboard

Das perfekte digitale Marketing-Dashboard

With the amount of data that is associated with digital marketing, it is easy to get overwhelmed – especially for non-digital team members. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to visualize this data in an easily readable way that everyone is able to understand. The Digital Marketing Dashboard! Before we …

Google Ads Smart Bidding: Using Machine Learning to Optimize

Google AdWords Smart Bidding: Using Machine Learning to Optimize

One of the most common questions asked about online marketing, is how to ensure you are optimizing your campaigns and seeing the best ROI (Return on Investment). An increasing number of tools and marketing platforms are making use of machine learning to try and simplify these optimization processes  – at …

Getting Started with YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics

I really do not need to start this blog post off with a description of YouTube. Everyone knows what YouTube is and how it functions. From cat videos to branded content to teen-vlogging, everyone has some exposure to the world’s most famous video platform. I am sure anyone reading this …