Flexible Bid Strategies in Google AdWords: New Reports

The Google AdWords interface is being updated and extended continuously. Google recently implemented three new reports for flexible bid strategies. With these reports you can understand how the bid strategies influence the campaign performance. We will show you the new features.



10. December 2015


Data from Searchmetrics suggests that there may have been a recent unannounced update to the Google search algorithm, an update Searchmetrics is calling "Phantom III".  The search engine rankings and SEO visibility of many types of websites seem to have been adjusted not long after Google's update of its Quality Rater Guidelines. These guidelines establish how Google defines high- and low-quality web pages.

5 Important New Google AdWords Shopping Ads Enhancements

To gear up for Christmas shopping, Google has launched many new features for shopping campaigns in the past few months. We will show you the five most important developments for shopping ads in October and November 2015.

Credit cards - Ecommerce


01. December 2015


Online shops typically have extensive websites that are continuously updated. As a result, search engine optimization for ecommerce websites is more complex compared to simple brand or informative websites.

dot swiss


27. November 2015


From September 7 to November 9, 2015, public sector bodies, registered trademarks as well as companies, associations and foundations registered in the Swiss commercial register had the possibility to apply for a .swiss domain.

Promoting Mobile Apps with Google AdWords

Do you have a mobile app? Then of course you want to increase the number of installations and user interactions. Revenue from mobile apps has risen by nearly 30% in 2015 worldwide compared to the previous year and it is forecast to increase, so it is well worth your time to promote your app.

Marketing Automation


20. November 2015


Marketing automation tools automate the process of targeting “the right person, at the right time, with the right message”. Simply put, these programs can observe customer behavior and take actions based on that behavior.

Some examples of marketing automation include:

What Is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the new buzzword in search engine marketing. Programmatic ads can also be applied to other online marketing channels like social media, display and video advertising. But what exactly is programmatic advertising?

Mobile SEO


17. November 2015


Mobile search has changed since the Google mobile update, which was launched on April 21, 2015 and is known under the name Mobilegeddon.

New Bid Simulator Tools and Bid Estimates in Google AdWords

Recently Google AdWords announced some new features to better optimize the bids of your Google AdWords campaigns. We will give you an overview of the new and already existing bid simulators and explain the new bid estimates that are now available in your AdWords account.