Standardized UTM tracking


02. February 2017


What are UTM tags?

UTM tags allow you to measure the success of any marketing campaign that drives visitors to your website. They rely on adding specific parameters to links to your website. This blog post looks specifically at campaign tagging in Google Analytics, although the same principals apply to many other web analytics tools.

Scroll Tracking in Google Tag Manager


30. January 2017


If you run a blog, content site or single page site then you should implement Scroll Tracking. As the name implies Scroll tracking will show how far down the page your users are scrolling. This will help you decide which type of content is keeping your audience’s attention and which isn’t.



13. January 2017


If you are planning your SEO strategy, you should do a keyword research first. This can be done with the Google AdWords keyword planner, but another great option is Google Trends. Google Trends allows you to learn a lot from your keywords.

Content Marketing for SEO attracts visitors


06. January 2017


In addition to Marketing Automation, Mobile Marketing and Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing is one of the most important online marketing tools in recent years, and it is central to SEO. We will show you what Content Marketing is and how it can be applied for search engine optimization.

A/B Testing

A/B testing has the potential to significantly improve the performance of your website. You can make and test changes to your site without the need for development resources. Making sure only successful changes are implemented. Read our introduction to learn the basics of A/B testing and all its benefits.

Google My Business Start Page


16. December 2016


The presence of your company on Google My Business is one of the most important ranking factors for local search engine optimization (SEO).

The wonderful world of A/B Testing

In part one of our series about A/B testing we will be explaining what A/B Testing is and how it can help improve the performance of your site. In addition we will outline the different types of optimization tests and explain them with use cases.

If your nonprofit organization has not heard of Google for Nonprofits or Google Grants yet, it is missing out on a huge opportunity to reach out to the audience. Google would give you 10.000 US Dollar monthly AdWords budget, and we show you how to get your hands on that.  

Christmas: SEO Quick Wins


16. November 2016


As Christmas is just around the corner, holiday sales are about to peak. It is high time for you to bring your SEO up to scratch. Successful search engine optimization (SEO) requires several months until you can see results. However, with the following quick wins you can still boost your holiday sales now.

A sea of possibilities with Expanded Text Ads

It is dubbed the greatest change to AdWords in the last 15 years and, unless you do not like change, it is probably already rocking your world. The Expanded Text Ads have been here for quite a while already and they are slowly gaining territory over the Standard Text Ads.