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Why Klipfolio is our Favorite Dashboarding Tool

Klipfolio Dashboards

Dashboards are extremely useful tools for keeping track of your online marketing performance. This is especially true for online marketing, where it is easy to become overwhelmed with the large amount of available data.

What are Dashboarding Tools used for?

Before we look at why dashboarding tools are used, it is important to define what we mean by the term “dashboard”. A Dashboard typically only contains concise data about the key areas of a business.

This data is normally displayed in a visual format to make it easily digestible and should give an indication of the performance.

Although most online marketing tools have reporting capabilities, these only allow you to examine individual marketing areas.

Dashboarding tools on the other hand allow you to pull data from all of your online marketing tools and combine this in one place, to give you an overview of the performance of all your online marketing channels. This also allows you to easily compare the various online marketing channels to one another.

In this blog post, we will introduce you to one of our favorite dashboarding tools – Klipfolio.

What is Klipfolio?

Klipfolio is a cloud-based dashboarding tool that has been around since 2011. In January 2017 they received $10 million in Series B funding to further improve their offering.

At the time of writing, Klipfolio integrates with 145 different services. That means, you are able to pull data from any of these 145 services straight into your dashboards without any development needed.

Here are just a few of the available connectors:

Klipfolio Data Sources

This data integration is one of the aspects that we love about Klipfolio. It is incredibly simple to use these integrations to pull data into Klipfolio and to create Data Sources. These Data Sources can then be used to build Klips, which are individual graphs or data visualizations. Using these Klips, you can then build completely custom dashboards.

Here are some of the standard Klips you can choose from:

Klipfolio Klips

It is this ability to completely customize your dashboards, from the underlying data sources to the final layout of the dashboard that makes Klipfolio such a powerful tool. This however does not come without its own challenges.

Pros and Cons of Klipfolio


  • Data Sources: As mentioned, Klipfolio currently integrates with 145 tools. In addition to this, you are able to pull data from any Spreadsheet (including Google Sheets), FTP upload or any online database.
  • Data Manipulation: Once you have created a Data Source, you are able to manipulate the data within Klipfolio. This could be something as simple as a finding a total, or something as complex as a lookup that groups unique dimensions and returns an average based on each dimension.
  • Customizability: Not only are you able to customize your Data Source, you are also able to fully customize your Klips. From changing colors to altering fonts, even applying conditional formatting, almost everything can be customized in Klipfolio.
  • Cloud-based: Because Klipfolio is completely cloud based, it means you, your boss or your clients are able to access it from anywhere. Another pro to the cloud-based platform is that all of the data is pulled in live – that means no storing data on your own servers and that your data is always up to date!


  • Learning Curve: Klipfolio is an extremely powerful and customizable platform. As a result, there is a lot to learn in order to fully utilize all of the options. This can make it intimidating for new users and may result in custom dashboards taking longer to set up at first. Luckily, there are a number of pre-built dashboards, klips and data sources as well as a fantastic library of resources.
  • Price: While we have added this under cons, the costs are not high. Klipfolio is an extremely affordable dashboarding option, with an entry level package coming in at $24/month.

Use the Klipfolio Dashboard Templates

To get a better idea of what Klipfolio Dashboards look like, here are some of the Klipfolio dashboard templates.

A social media overview that looks at all social platforms:

Klipfolio Social Media Dashboard

An organic search dashboard to better understand your SEO performance:

Klipfolio Organic Traffic Dashboard

If you have any more questions about Klifolio, please send me an email.

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