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What You Should Know about the New Google AdWords Interface

Google AdWords

Towards the end of 2016, Google presented the new AdWords interface for the first time. It was finally rolled out during the middle of this year.
In this blog post, we will show you what changes we have to face and what this means in terms of user-friendliness.

Why are there Changes to the AdWords Interface?

After Google’s AdWords user interface remaining the same for approximately 15 years, Google has finally rolled out a re-design. During these 15 years, Google was able to gather information about the cross-industry AdWords user experience. This information has been used as the source for the new AdWords Interface.
The main theme of the re-design is the focus on the Google AdWords business model, rather than the functionality. Data should be available faster and the tools that the advertisers use are faster and more efficient.

Google put its focus on the following objectives:

  • Simplified campaign overview with a focus on business objectives
  • Time savings and efficiency
  • New insights and learnings through new graphics and reporting tools

Concrete Changes and Features

We have listed the most important changes and features below:


The navigation now moved to the left side, resulting in a better usage of space. As illustrated below, new tabs have also been added. This means that the advertising opportunities are no longer selected via the tab above, but are now prominently located in the bar on the left side. Due to the fact that they are strongly related, ads and ad extensions were grouped together in one tab.

New Account Overview

The account overview consists of five informative elements that provide varying information depending on your choice. At the campaign level, the key performance indicators (clicks, impressions, conversions) are now presented much more clearly.

On Ad Group level, campaign-relevant information is replaced by information about keywords or ads. The new widgets and the use of heat maps give quick insights into the respective campaigns. As shown in the following picture, the new design joins that of the Google product range. The new Google AdWords interface complies with the same design principles as Google Analytics, Drive or even Google MyBusiness.

Account Overview

Filter Function of Bulk Actions

The new bulk filtering makes it much easier to filter for different types of changes. Built-in buttons let you choose between CPC changes, budget changes, bid changes, network changes, status changes, and account changes in general.
This provides a better overview of changes over a defined period of time.

Creating Google AdWords Ads and Ad Extensions

Merging ads and ad extensions in a tab is the biggest change in the new Google AdWords interface.
Another plus point of the new ads tab is the live preview of ads, this is especially helpful for presenting your ads.

Report Improvements

A big focus was put on the revision and simplification of the reporting function. With the new drag-and-drop function, individual parameters can be selected and displayed in graphs.

Extensions for Call Extension

In the new interface, there is also a new tab labeled “Advanced bid adjustments”. This refers to bid adjustments for call extensions.
Thus, campaigns can be customized and direct contact can be pushed, depending on the campaign.

When you see the new Google AdWords interface for the first time, you may feel a little bit upset or spend more time looking for certain features. Google has tried to make the interface as dynamic as possible. The only static element is the horizontal menu bar.
The below screenshot shows the menu bar containing the well-known planning tools (eg display and keyword planner), shared libraries, all bulk actions, and general account settings.
Stylistically and in terms of content, the biggest changes are certainly to be found here. However, most tools, such as the Keyword Planner, have not yet been adapted to the new environment and still refer to the old design.

menu bar

After testing the new Google AdWords Interface intensively, we can state that the new interface has proven to be very dynamic and customizable and also made some improvements in terms of speed. Overall, despite the time taken to re-orientate yourself, this makes working with Google AdWords more efficient in the long-run.

If you have questions regarding the new AdWords Interface send me an e-mail.



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