The Top 5 Results in Google Get Almost 70% of All Clicks

The latest study about click-through-rates in the organic Google results once more underlines the importance of a top ranking position in Google search. Only if your website is among the top five results it has a good chance to get clicked.

On average the first five results on the Google search results page receive 67.60% of all clicks for a search query conducted on a desktop device. Thereof the first result achieves the highest amount of clicks with 31.24% of all clicks. The results ranked on positions 6-10 receive only 3.73% of the clicks. Thus 71.33% of clicks for a search query go to page one.

The results on pages 2 and 3 (ranking positions 11-30) together receive 5.59% of the clicks. The other percentages go to AdWords or search queries that do not result in a click (for example because the search query is refined or the sought-after answer is found directly in the search engine results page).

Google CTR on Desktop

For Google searches on mobile devices the first five results also get the highest amount of clicks with 66.93%. The results ranked on positions 6-10 achieve 3.98% of all clicks, pages 2 and 3 together 9.14%. It is interesting to see that mobile users seem to scroll more than desktop users.

Google CTR Mobile vs Desktop

For branded searches the first result gets 50% of all clicks. The reason is that for search queries with brand names the corresponding company website is typically the top result and is clicked directly.

Google CTR Branded vs Unbranded

If you want to know more about the study check out this website.

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