Google My Business Tutorial: Managing Multiple Business Locations

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11. August 2015


For companies with a physical office or store it is a must to be present on Google My Business. We already explained how to create a Google My Business account. If your business has ten or more locations, you should create a business account and use the bulk location management functionality.

Business Account

With a business account you can share the management of your locations with multiple users and assign individual rights for each location. We will show you below how to create a business account.

1. Create a Google Account

First of all it is advisable to create a new Google account. Do not use your personal login for the business account, but create a general company login instead. The email address you are using for this account should contain the business domain.

2. Create the Business Account

Go to the Google My Business Locations and click in the menu on the top left side on "Create business account". Choose a name (you can change it later) and click on "Finished".

Google My Business: Create a business account

3. Transfer the Ownership of Locations

The next step is to transfer the ownership of your existing Google Plus Local pages to the business account. Only the current account owners can do this. Go to each location by clicking on it and then click on "Adding managers" on the right. First you need to add the business account as manager. Now you can transfer the ownership in the dropdown menu next to the name of your business account. The previous owner will automatically become a manager. 

Google My Business: Transfer the ownership

4. Assign Managers

Now you can assign the managers for every location. To do so, go to each individual location and click on "Adding managers" on the right.

Bulk Location Management

You can manually add additional locations, but if you have ten or more locations we recommend using the bulk location management. This works as follows:

1. Create Table with Locations

Go to the menu on the top left side and click on "Import locations". Then click on "Download the template". Open the CSV file and fill out the required fields for every business location.

Google My Business: Create a table with locations

2. Upload Table with Locations

Save the table in one of the following formats: XLS, XLSX, ODS, CSV, TXT or TSV. Now upload the file by clicking on "Select file to import". Duplicate locations will automatically be merged after the import. 

3. Verification of Business Information

You can verify all locations in your account at once with the bulk verification (for ten or more locations). To do so, click on the confirmation icon on the top right side and fill out the verification form. Enter an email address that contains your website domain.

The verification process can take up to a week. Google will use the entered email address to ask additional questions if necessary and to send you status updates.

4. Change Location Information

If you need to adjust your location information, you can also do this with the bulk location management. Just download your locations via the menu, make the changes and upload the file again. Review the changes in the import preview and click on "Apply". 


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Hi Harshavardhan,

we've just had this case recently and have been able to verify two listings for a company with a different address but same phone number. 

Thus, it works. Just make sure you comply with the Google guidelines:

- Use a local phone number instead of central, call center helpline number whenever possible.

- Do not provide phone numbers or URLs that redirect or "refer" users to landing pages or phone numbers other than those of the actual business, including pages created on social media sites.

- The phone number must be under the direct control of the business.

A very insightful article. Can we use the same telephone number for 2 different listings of the same company - like 2 different branches using the same contact number? Will Google allow that?

Christina Meyer's picture

Hi Rachael and Tony, 

thanks for your comments. I would rather think about listings instead of companies. You cannot connect the different branches with each other. The rule in Google My Business is: One listing per address. Each address will show up as its own listing. But you can of course highlight the company affiliation with the title. For example if it's a subsidiary, you can call it "Company Name - London Office" or "Company Name - Zurich Shop". 

Hi Christina
I have our company on Google My Business and I'd like to upload the location of our company's branch offices but I wouldn't like that each offices appear like another company, how can I set this on My Business ?

Im just wondering how your business can be seen on google maps in multiple locations and be connected to one address? There are businesses like mine who are 50km away from my business and still come up in my suburb...
Please let me know how this can be done.

Christina Meyer's picture

Hey Tal Paz,

thanks for your questions. The bulk verification process is done by Google, there is no postcard or anything like that. Google will contact you by email if they have questions. Your spreadsheet needs to contain all the locations you have. Locations that are already verified should stay verified no matter what. Just make sure that your Google My Business account is compliant with the quality guidelines - you can learn more about that on the Google Help Pages

I liked your article on multiple google locations and would love to receive your newsletter.

It was helpful for me. I just finished an SEO course and joined an SEO service company, I am assigned with a similar project for a multi location small business. I already did most of the things but this post really helped me to know the advanced features of GMB. Thanks.

Hi Christina,
Thank you for your insightful post.
My business has 85 verified locations in GMB, and I want to check the option to get new locations in bulk verification. Do you know what kind of check Google performs in order to determine whether to approve bulk verification? Do you know what happens to my existing verified locations if Google does not approve bulk verification? And, finally, do I need to put in the locations sheet my existing locations or just the new ones I want to verify? Thanks!

Great article. My one of client asked me to do this for her business and now i can do this by reading your article. I have business page the only problem is to add multiple location for same business.

Thank you Christina for sharing this article.

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