Google Knowledge Graph Update for Events and Social Media Profiles


Google launched two Knowledge Graph updates: Extended information about events and integration of external social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter. To use these possibilities, structured data is needed.

At the same time Google published several updates for the use of structured data

Google Knowledge Graph Example

Events In the Knowledge Graph

Now the following additional event information can appear in the Knowledge Graph, provided that the website contains the relevant structured data:

Google Knowledge Graph example for ticketing information

Google Knowledge Graph example for venue events

Social Media Profiles In the Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph now contains links to various social media profiles of brands, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and of course Google+. Generally, Google will automatically identify your profiles – however, you can support it by adding the correct structured data to your website. 

Beispiel Social Media Profile im Google Knowledge Graph

Google Updates for Structured Data

Google recently launched the following improvements to facilitate the use of structured data:


Use these opportunities to present your company as advantageously as possible in the Knowledge Graph! Do you need assistance with implementing structured data or with search engine optimization in general? Contact us!