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Google Data Studio Tutorial: Your Essential Site Speed Report

The speed at which users are able to access the various pages on your website can have a large impact on their experience. Users that are able to access your content quickly are more likely to engage with it and ultimately convert to a paying customer or a frequent visitor.

As a result, it is important to keep an eye on the site speed metrics that are available to you. Google Analytics and Google Data Studio can help you with this. We have created a Google Data Studio report that displays your site speed. This makes it simple to see exactly what is, and what is not running as fast as it needs to be on your site.

The Report

Site Speed Report

The report looks at page load time from a number of different angles. It begins with a general section that gives you an overall view of several site speed metrics, as well as the average time on page.

Once the overall view is established, the data is split into several different segments. These segments focus on the page load time, as this is the best measure of site speed. This is displayed alongside the pageviews for each segment, so that you can quickly see whether the page load time has a major impact on your overall traffic.

The first segment is New vs Returning Visitors. Here you would expect to see a much quicker load time for returning visitors as some of your site should be cached on the returning user’s device.

The subsequent segments compare page load times for different Devices, Browsers and Countries. All of this helps to give you a better idea of where you should focus your efforts in order to optimize site load time.

The last section focuses on specific pages on your website and how long they take to load. There are three different sets of pages shown. The ten most visited pages, the ten slowest loading pages, and the ten fastest loading pages. These help to show which pages may need improving and which are your most efficient pages.

Adding the report

Adding the report to your own data studio is simple. You will need the report template we have created for you. Once it has loaded you will need to make a copy of it and add your own Google Analytics data source. If you don’t know how to do this, please read our  blog post: Three Online Marketing Dashboards You Need in Google Data Studio. And you are done. You can use the report as is or modify it to suit your data needs.

If you have any questions about the Site Speed Report then please send me an email.

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