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Google Analytics Is Testing New User Behavior Features

Google Analytics testet neue Features für die Analyse des Nutzerverhaltens

Google Analytics is testing some new features that could be very useful to understand user behavior: Active Users and Cohort Analysis.


Active Users

Google Analytics active user interface

The Active Users report shows a quick overview of the number of users that have had at least one session daily, weekly and monthly. This is a nice complement to the existing user behavior reports, especially the frequency and recency report. 

Cohort Analysis


Cohort Analysis is a way to analyze behavior by segmenting users into groups that have had similar experiences within a given timespan. So instead of telling us just the total number of users who filled out a form last week, it can tell us that 20% of users who first visited a site on Monday filled out a form on Wednesday. This is a powerful way to understand patterns and derive the truly useful, actionable insights into user behavior.Google Analytics Cohort Analysis ReportThe report allows us to select:

  • Cohort Type (The Beta version of the Google Analytics Cohort Analysis is limited to only acquisition date cohorts.)
  • Cohort Size (by day, by week, by month)
  • Metrics:

    • By User (goal completion, pageviews, revenue, session duration, sessions, transactions)
    • Retention
    • Total (goal completion, pageviews, revenue, session duration, sessions, transactions)
  • Date Range

Google Analytics all sessions interfaceThe chart above shows us that users whose first visit was on Monday, January 12 had the highest retention rate: 4.5% of them visited again the next day.

These new features are the latest examples of a shift in Google Analytics towards providing more user-centric analysis. To stay up to date on the latest developments in web analytics, subscribe to this blog or sign up for our newsletter.