Blog: Web Analytics

Combining Data Sources


14. September 2018


Google Data Studio is Google's free dashboarding tool that is making it incredibly easy to create useful and visually appealing dashboards.

If you are unfamiliar with Google Data Studio, take a look at this blog post on how to get started with your first dashboard.

How To Delete Visitors in Google Analytics to be Compliant with GDPR


02. August 2018


The EU's new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) require that businesses are able to delete any data they collect about people upon request. This also includes your web analytics tools that collect your website visitors' data.

Google Analytics Filter

With one extra line of code, Google Analytics will anonymize the IP addresses of all your visitors. It does this by replacing the last octet (the last four digits) in the IP address with 0000.

How to Setup Your Google Analytics Views the Right Way


11. April 2018


To get the most out of your Google Analytics data it is vital to make sure you have setup your Google Analytics views correctly. Getting the setup right means that you are seeing the most accurate data possible and that you do not lose data if something goes wrong.

Google Analytics and GDPR


14. March 2018


As we get closer to 25 May, the deadline for the new EU data regulations (GDPR), more and more questions are being raised. One of these questions is how Google Analytics measures up to these new regulations.

Google Data Studio: Site Speed Report


21. February 2018


The speed at which users are able to access the various pages on your website can have a large impact on their experience. Users that are able to access your content quickly are more likely to engage with it and ultimately convert to a paying customer or a frequent visitor.

How to build the perfect dashboard

With the amount of data that is associated with digital marketing, it is easy to get overwhelmed – especially for non-digital team members. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to visualize this data in an easily readable way that everyone is able to understand. The Digital Marketing Dashboard!

YouTube Analytics

I really do not need to start this blog post off with a description of YouTube. Everyone knows what YouTube is and how it functions. From cat videos to branded content to teen-vlogging, everyone has some exposure to the world's most famous video platform.

Klipfolio Dashboards


26. October 2017


Dashboards are extremely useful tools for keeping track of your online marketing performance. This is especially true for online marketing, where it is easy to become overwhelmed with the large amount of available data.

What are Dashboarding Tools used for?

Before we look at why dashboarding tools are used, it is important to define what we mean by the term "dashboard". A Dashboard typically only contains concise data about the key areas of a business.

Three Online Marketing Dashboards You Need in Google Data Studio


05. October 2017


Earlier this year Google announced an unrestricted free version of their reporting and visualization tool, Google Data Studio. Data Studio allows you to create informative and attractive reports from your data. These reports can easily be built and customized from a growing set of data sources.

In this blog we will show you three basic dashboards you can build in Google Data Studio which give you a good overview of your online marketing activities.