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3 Tips to Reduce Your Cost-Per-Click in Google AdWords

In the highly competitive world of AdWords, finding a way to lower the Cost-per-click is a vital and necessary step in competing with competitors and ultimately succeeding in your online advertising efforts. When it comes to lowering your cost per click, Quality Score is very important.

How User Intent Impacts Your SEO

When strategizing your Content Marketing, you  will probably start researching trends and you will follow this up with an extensive Keyword Research. That is great, but did you think about User Intent?

A/B Testing

A/B testing has the potential to significantly improve the performance of your website. You can make and test changes to your site without the need for development resources. Making sure only successful changes are implemented. Read our introduction to learn the basics of A/B testing and all its benefits.

The wonderful world of A/B Testing

In part one of our series about A/B testing we will be explaining what A/B Testing is and how it can help improve the performance of your site. In addition we will outline the different types of optimization tests and explain them with use cases.

Smart Goal

Every smart marketer knows that you cannot optimize what you cannot measure. We have showed you how to set up goals in Google Analytics to measure conversions on your website, so that you can optimize your marketing efforts.

Case Study Zurich Open Air: Conversion Rate Increased by More Than 60%


22. August 2013


A few weeks ago we analyzed the website of Zurich Open Air to optimize their conversion goals. 

In this case study the basic steps of a conversion optimization project will be shown based on a real and successful example with great results. 

A project to optimize the conversion goals is based on the following steps:

1.     Definition of conversion goals and call to action

Conversion Optimization

Content Experiments is a free tool provided by Google Analytics that helps to test different versions of a web page and select the one with the higher engagement or conversion rate for a specific goal. It allows testing multiple different versions of the same page simultaneously.