Google Analytics Filter

With one extra line of code, Google Analytics will anonymize the IP addresses of all your visitors. It does this by replacing the last octet (the last four digits) in the IP address with 0000.

When we are not optimizing AdWords accounts, doing Search Engine Optimization or setting up containers in Google Tag Manager, we browse. We are looking in the furthest corners of the internet to see if we can find anything of value for our clients. We are not talking cryptocurrency here.

CPC Goolge and Bing

Bing is gaining increasing reach in Switzerland and is thus becoming increasingly interesting for advertisers. An industry-wide assumption is that Bing can offer cheaper CPCs than Google. We have checked for you whether this assumption does in fact correspond to reality.

How to use Google AdWords IF Functions


25. April 2018


Google has announced rolling out the AdWords IF function over a year ago, and yet we often come across AdWords users who have never used it in their campaigns or are even unaware of this function.

Amazee Metrics Team


12. April 2018


2017 was the most successful year so far at Amazee Metrics. We were not only financially successful but could also establish long lasting relationships with our clients.

How to Setup Your Google Analytics Views the Right Way


11. April 2018


To get the most out of your Google Analytics data it is vital to make sure you have setup your Google Analytics views correctly. Getting the setup right means that you are seeing the most accurate data possible and that you do not lose data if something goes wrong.

How User Intent Impacts Your SEO

When strategizing your Content Marketing, you  will probably start researching trends and you will follow this up with an extensive Keyword Research. That is great, but did you think about User Intent?

5 GDPR Quick-Fixes for your Website


26. March 2018


The new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect on 25 May 2018. This brings with it a risk of serious fines for non-compliance.

Google Analytics and GDPR


14. March 2018


As we get closer to 25 May, the deadline for the new EU data regulations (GDPR), more and more questions are being raised. One of these questions is how Google Analytics measures up to these new regulations.

We have landed in the year 2018. This is the year in which 2040 is closer than 1995. Let that sink in. This is also the year in which Elon Musk already sent his old car to Mars. At this very moment in orbit, there is a mannequin named Starman listening to David Bowie's Space Oddity on repeat.