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Measuring Your Success!

We ensure that your website ranks high, we help you define your main conversion goals and we'll tell you exactly which are the strengths and the weaknesses of your online business, because we know how and what we need to measure.


Just tracking and reporting the major figures is not enough. In the analysis phase, we locate the weaknesses in specific segments of your business and provide actionable insights in order to fix them.


Your first weapon in online competition is search engine optimization. We will help your site rank high. From technical search engine optimization to defining the right keywords, we know the tricks of the trade.


You want your visitors to land on the right pages and follow your calls to action. With methods like A/B testing, or multivariate testing, we help you boost the conversion rates and revenue of your website.


By measuring the initially defined goals and metrics, we can check the success of your website and create ongoing analytical foundations that are based on facts and figures.

What our customers say:
The analytics dashboard is an important asset to our newsroom and gives us a quick overview of our web performance.
Mark Seall


Head of Global Web Management, ABB
What our customers say:
Thanks to Amazee Metrics’ support we were able to improve our SEO visibility significantly. We are very happy with the results!
Marcel Engelberger


Head of E-Business, CSS Versicherung
What our customers say:
Thanks to the support of Amazee Metrics the organic and paid ranking positions of JEANS.CH improved substantially. It’s great to work with Amazee Metrics as they understand our business.
Guido Weltert


What our customers say:
Thanks to Amazee Metrics' expert guidance we were able to quickly implement a web analytics and SEO concept and take our online management to the next level.
Mary Ardizzone


Head Online Media, Swiss & Global Asset Mgmt Ltd.

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