Google Tag Manager v2

Last year we published a Google Tag Manager Guide to help you start using Google Tag Manager for event tracking.  Since then, Google has upgraded all Google Tag Manager accounts to Version 2.  This updated Google Tag Manager tutorial contains revised information about how to use the new GTM v2 to track important events on your website like li

3 Tips for Working with the Google AdWords Keyword Planner

In our Google AdWords keyword planner tutorial we showed you how to use the keyword planner. But how can you use the tool even more efficiently? Below we will show you three tips to make working with the keyword planner easier.

Heart containing the words SEO and UX on a blackboard


18. August 2015


We recently wrote about the most important SEO ranking factors for 2015 based on the latest Searchmetrics correlation study. But how will the relevance of the different ranking factors change in the future? To answer this question, Moz carries out an experts survey every two years.

New Google AdWords Tool: Report Editor

The Google AdWords report editor will be introduced in the next months, as Google recently announced. The report editor is a new AdWords tool that displays tables and charts visually. At the moment this function, announced a year ago, is activated only for a few accounts.

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11. August 2015


For companies with a physical office or store it is a must to be present on Google My Business. We already explained how to create a Google My Business account.

Searchmetrics Ranking Factors 2015


06. August 2015


Searchmetrics recently released its study of SEO ranking factors 2015 for Searchmetrics analyzed the top 30 search results for 10,000 keywords to find the correlations between ranking factors and the ranking position of the resulting pages.

Google AdWords Tutorial: How to Set up a Google Shopping Campaign in 3 Steps

Google AdWords shopping campaigns, also known as product listing ads (PLAs), display products from your online shop above the Google search results.
Google Shopping Campaigns

How to Use the Auction Insights Report in Google AdWords

Use the auction insights in Google AdWords to compare your competitors‘ and your own campaign, ad group and keyword performance.
In this article we show you where to find the information and how to use it to optimize your campaigns.

Online Marketing


29. July 2015


If you do online marketing, you have several different channels to choose from. We will give you an overview of the most important online marketing channels, how to use them and how to measure each of them with the relevant key performance indicators (KPIs).

Flexible Bid Strategies in Google AdWords: How to Make Optimal Use of Your Budget

Do you want to use your Google AdWords budget more efficiently? The flexible bid strategies in AdWords automatically optimize your bids to reach your goals.

In the following you will find the different flexible bid strategies in Google AdWords and our recommendations for each option.