SEO Ranking Factors for Germany, 2013 version


18. June 2013


The exact search engine ranking algorithms are a mystery, even for search professionals. We know for example that there are more than 200 ranking factors in the Google algorithm, but the exact mix remains unknown, as Google is anxious to not disclose the details.

Web Analytics

Goal creation is probably the most important step during the setup of Google Analytics. Goals measure the relevant KPIs and the real efficiency of the website as well as the value of the different marketing channels. It does not have to be an e-commerce website - even for non-transactional websites micro-conversions like newsletter subscriptions or social shares can be defined as goals.

How to beat the Google Panda 2.0


05. June 2013


The latest update of the Google algorithm, named Panda 2.0 was released a few days ago. It was an expected update and apparently affected the rankings of a small percentage of sites, mostly in the US.

To check the status of your website, track the organic traffic from Google in your analytics program. If you see a sudden drop between 13-15 May, you are probably affected by Panda 2.0. So, in order to solve this problem, here is what you should know and what you can do:

YouTube One brand channel with Google Analytics

Last March, YouTube made its new designed, called YouTube One available to everyone. The new features are a new layout that works perfect on every type of screen and the ability to create customized lists of videos and present your content in a unique way.  

Evelyn Thar, George Papadongonas


27. May 2013


The Amazee family is growing! We are happy to step next to Amazee Labs and provide your company with marketing services in the field of Web Analytics, Search Engine and Conversion Optimisation.

How can Amazee Metrics make your online business thrive?

We believe in data-driven web development: In the area of analytics we will provide you with insights into your website traffic.