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How to Optimize Your SEO efforts for RankBrain

Google’s RankBrain has grown up and is involved in every single search query. What does it do and, more importantly, what can YOU do?

Brand Safety - Don't Panic Sign

The Google Display Network (GDN) and YouTube received a lot of criticism in the past few weeks. This was after research was published by renowned newspapers like The Times that showed that ads from famous brands appeared next to extremist, populist and pornographic content.

If your nonprofit organization has not heard of Google for Nonprofits or Google Grants yet, it is missing out on a huge opportunity to reach out to the audience. Google would give you 10.000 US Dollar monthly AdWords budget, and we show you how to get your hands on that.  

A sea of possibilities with Expanded Text Ads

It is dubbed the greatest change to AdWords in the last 15 years and, unless you do not like change, it is probably already rocking your world. The Expanded Text Ads have been here for quite a while already and they are slowly gaining territory over the Standard Text Ads. 

Price Extensions - a logical step when we think offline

It can be quite a disappointment for users to find out that the ad they are clicking leads to a product that does not match their price expectations. Someone at the Google AdWords headquarters must have had that train of thoughts when coming up with the next thing for text ads: Price extensions. They are here to save everyone’s time and, of course, money.

Christina giving her presentation in the Google Workshop Space

As a Google Partner agency, we were part of the lectures program in the Google Workshop Space at this year's Swiss Online Marketing Exhibition (SOM)

Christina Meyer giving her presentation at the AdWords Conference

At the AdWords Conference in Zurich, I gave a presentation about how to create powerful remarketing lists with Google Analytics. In the first part of the presentation, I explained what remarketing is and showed the different types of remarketing.

Google AdWords right column ads removed


11. March 2016


Google has globally removed all text ads in the right column of Google Search. PLAs ( Shopping campaigns ) and the Knowledge Graph will however continue to be displayed on the right side. In addition, it is now possible that an additional fourth top position text ad can appear above organic search results. 


Google AdWords right column ads removed

Math - AdWords Custom Formulas

There are many useful metrics in your Google AdWords account to evaluate the performance of your campaigns. Now it is even possible to make your own calculations within the AdWords feature custom columns.

Top 5 Trends in Search Engine Marketing for 2016


06. January 2016


In the field of search engine marketing, especially in Google AdWords, there are many new features you should integrate in your SEM strategy in 2016.

We present you with the five most important search engine marketing trends for 2016.