Blog: Jonathan Mervis

How to Track AMP Pages in Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager


02. March 2017


Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is an open source initiative aimed at making it easy to present static web content on mobile devices. This means that AMP pages and their content are significantly quicker to load than other pages. News, blogs and other publishing sites are key users of AMP as their focus is on delivering large amounts of content to their users.

Scroll Tracking in Google Tag Manager


30. January 2017


If you run a blog, content site or single page site then you should implement Scroll Tracking. As the name implies Scroll tracking will show how far down the page your users are scrolling. This will help you decide which type of content is keeping your audience’s attention and which isn’t.

A/B Testing

A/B testing has the potential to significantly improve the performance of your website. You can make and test changes to your site without the need for development resources. Making sure only successful changes are implemented. Read our introduction to learn the basics of A/B testing and all its benefits.

The wonderful world of A/B Testing

In part one of our series about A/B testing we will be explaining what A/B Testing is and how it can help improve the performance of your site. In addition we will outline the different types of optimization tests and explain them with use cases.

Flieg Ringo, flieg!


03. November 2016


For those who may not know; Ringo, the penguin, helps teach schoolchildren in Zurich about the public transport system. Ringo, being a penguin, is unable to fly. He needs public transport to help him get from place to place. We at Amazee Metrics, in an effort to help Ringo and his fellow commuters, were tasked to assist Zürcher Verkehrsverbund (Zurich Transport Network) in improving their web analytics setup.